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Hotel Rules


In order to make Your stay in our hotel a pleasant experience, please take into consideration the following house rules:

Check in and check out time

  • Check in time from ┬á┬á14:00
  • Check out time till ┬á┬á10:00

Restaurant services

  • Breakfast is served in a restaurant from 7:30 till 10:00
  • Lunch ( a la card service )
  • Dinner ( a la card service )

Emergency procedure

Safety rules and evacuation route signs are posted in all hotel rooms and corridors.

  • In case of emergency please locate all available exits
  • Proceed to the nearest exit stairway
  • Do not use the elevator.

Phone service

     The hotel is connected with automatic phone exchange and Your phone device will be switched on upon Your arrival. Your room number is identical to Your local phone number. You can obtain the reception desk by dialing 0 . Please feel free to call us for anything You may need.

Mini bar

The hotel rooms / suites have a minibar with various drinks and calculation is made on daily base-the charge is transferred to Your bill at the reception desk.

Laundry service

Laundry services are available. All info and prices You will find listed in the rooms.

Safe deposit box

Your valuables can be (should be) stored in a safe at the reception desk.

Maintenance and housekeeping

The rooms are cleaned daily. If You notice something is not working, please report at the reception, and it will be repaired in the best possible time.

Other rules:

  • Every time guests leave the hotel, the room card should be brought at the reception desk, losing or damaging the card is at Your expanse.
  • We kindly ask hotel guests to keep safe and not to remove the room inventory, otherwise they will pay every damage in the room.
  • Smoking is not allowed in hotel rooms and all areas of the hotel, except for the designated smoking area.
  • Ironing, cooking, keeping food or flammable substances in the room are not allowed.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Outside visitors are not allowed in hotel rooms.

Hotel ÔÇ£VillageÔÇØ wishes You a pleasant stay